Achieving Test Data Autonomy with Delphix (intro)

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Speaker | Gary claims to have started his software testing career in 1986, when he says that child labour was legal, but today partners with Data Specialist organisations in Europe, Middle East & Africa to help customers solve their biggest Data challenges using the Delphix Data Platform. He has a broad technical and commercial background in data and integration, having worked for systems integrators and smaller software vendors. Prior to joining Delphix, Gary ran an EMEA-Wide Oracle Sales Engineering team, focused on Oracle’s database, integration & security products. Gary has a long, practical experience in IT and is passionate about championing great software that simplifies IT and delivers real and tangible value to the business.


In this session we will look at the the barriers to automating your testing, focusing on the application data and then look at how achieving Test Data Autonomy might be a precursor for providing fully automated testing and CI/CD Pipelines.

What we’ll cover

  • Challenges in automating testing
  • Common obstacles and barriers when dealing with application data in automation testing
  • Introduction to Test Data Autonomy and its significance
  • How Test Data Autonomy can help overcome testing automation challenges
  • Benefits of achieving Test Data Autonomy
  • Real-world examples or case studies showcasing successful implementation
  • Recommendations and insights from Gary’s extensive experience

Who should join this session?

  • Developers
  • Testers and QA professionals
  • DevOps managers
  • Data analysts


30 min presentation
➡ Introduction
➡ Challenges & obstacles with application data
➡ Introduction & benefits of Test Data Autonomy
➡ Examples & recommendations

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Achieving Test Data Autonomy with Delphix

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