Automated webtesting with Selenium (C#)

Short description:

A practical 1-day course to learn how to automate any web application by using Selenium.  This course will help you in mastering general web automation concepts such as record and playback (using Selenium IDE), webdrivers, object identification (using locators), introduction to test engines and page object model, …

You will learn how to use the basic Selenium commands and actions, how to use C#, how to generate screenshots, how to handle multiple browser windows and iFrames.

Quick info:

  • Selenium C#
  • Record and playback
  • Webdrivers
  • object identification locators
  • Page object model
  • MS Test

Who might want to attend this course?

  • Everybody with an interest in software testing
  • Everybody with basic C# knowledge

Key takeaways?

  • After this course you will understand how test automation works and how to identify some of the pitfalls of automating a web application.
  • You will be able to build stable automated tests for any web application, using the Selenium (C#) library and the MS Test framework.

Upcoming events

Training in Dutch or English, course materials in English.

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Duration: 1 day
Level: Beginner

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