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Short Description:

Test Automation has become the golden standard within QA and many companies rely heavily on Test Automation. However, many Test Automation projects fall short due to an incorrect implementation of a solid test automation framework.

During this bootcamp participants will learn the foundation of a solid test automation framework. Several well-known technologies are used, such as Selenium and Appium.

The focus of the bootcamp is to create a test automation framework which can be deployed in a CI/CD chain to test across all layers above Unit Tests (cf. Test Automation Trophy).

Test Automation Trophy

The bootcamp is available in Java and C# and features different technologies based on the programming language:

C# Java
Web Selenium Selenium
Mobile Appium Appium
REST RestSharp REST Assured
BDD SpecFlow Cucumber
Reporting Logging Logging

Quick info:

  • Advanced level
  • Hands-on
  • Basic Selenium or Appium knowledge required
  • C#/Java programming skills required
  • Lots of best practices

Who might want to attend this course?

  • Everyone who needs to build a test automation framework from scratch.
  • Not for people who seek an in-dept training on i.e. Selenium, Appium, Java/C#.
    Brightest offers several courses to accommodate training needs for specific tools and technologies.
    You can find them here.

Key takeaways?

  • At the end of this bootcamp participants will be able to create a solid test automation framework.
  • The framework, which allows test automation on several levels, is created together with the participants.
  • You can choose your favourite language (Java/C#) to follow the course.

Upcoming events

Design Patterns
Framework abstraction layers
Page/Screen Object Model
Training in Dutch or English, course materials in English.

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