BrightSQAI: Revolutionizing Software Testing with AI (info session)

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Introduction: The Journey to Innovation

Join us as we unveil the origins of BrightSQAI, an AI-driven platform tailored for software testers. Discover how we’re adding value to your testing process, hinting at the potential transformation within your workflow.

Live Demonstration: Explore BrightSQAI’s Core Features

  • SQAI Chat: Engage with an intelligent assistant designed to understand and respond to your software testing needs.
  • BulkEngines & DataStores: Witness the power of customized training and data management, enhancing your testing efficiency.
  • Neural Network Visualization: Compare our Baseline Neural Network with a context-trained variant, seeing the real difference AI makes.
  • Seamless Integration: Watch a live demo showcasing how effortlessly BrightSQAI integrates with third-party test tools. Discover the ease of setup with webhooks.

Value and ROI

Hear about concrete ROI cases and the added value BrightSQAI brings to your team, boosting productivity and accuracy.

Overcoming Obstacles

No documentation? No problem. We’ll show you how Brightest removes common blockers, streamlining your testing process.

Security & Ethics

Your concerns are our concerns. We’ll discuss how BrightSQAI addresses security and ethical considerations, ensuring peace of mind.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your software testing with BrightSQAI. Engage, learn, and lead the change in testing technology.



30 min presentation
➡ Intro
➡ Dive deep into BrightSQAI’s capabilities
➡ Demo

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BrightSQAI: Revolutionizing Software Testing with AI

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