CI/CD & DevOps Agile management with ALM Octane

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Ensuring High-Quality application CI/CD via DevOps Agile management, ft. Micro Focus ALM Octane

In order to succeed with Agile and DevOps you need the right tool set to support your processes.
The reality with using a lot of different tools, mainly due to historic reasons, is that most of them rely on a mix of different methodologies, technologies, and processes.
But most development teams have one important goal in common: achieving faster time-to-market without compromising quality.

Challenges on your way toward Agile and DevOps :

  • Coordinating the work of several development teams
  • Adopting Agile practices at enterprise scale
  • Expanding your processes to accommodate quality assurance (QA)

Micro Focus ALM Octane helps you solve these challenges with our Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution.
It extends the proven capabilities of ALM/Quality Center (Requirements & Test Mngt Tooling) and is built specifically with Agile and DevOps in mind.

Source: Whitepaper “Succeeding in the Journey to Agile and DevOps”.

ALM Octane components

  • Agile tools for team collaboration
  • Scale to enterprise Agile tools
  • Increase quality management
  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • Comprehensive DevOps management

More details on ALM Octane overview.

During this session we will show

  • Micro Focus Application Delivery reference architecture
  • ALM Octane in action
  • Integration with ALM Octane


30 min presentation

➡ Intro
➡ Micro Focus Blueprint
➡ Octane and beyond
➡ Conclusion

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CI/CD & DevOps Agile management with ALM Octane (session)

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