Cloud Functions and Google Docs API for doc generation | session by Oddball Digital

Cloud Functions and the Google Docs API to generate documents

Writing and updating documents can be a cumbersome task that requires a lot of manual work. By automating this process using the Google Docs API and Google Cloud functions, this flow can be significantly optimized and save your business valuable time. By creating templates, key values that are stored in your application’s back-end can be merged into a perfectly styled Google Document. In this course we’ll dive into the required steps to set up this process.

Topics that will be discussed are:

  • Customer Case Mysueño
  • Authentication to keep your documents secure
  • Creating a Google Docs template
  • Updating the Google Docs template using the Google Docs API
  • Calling the service using Google Cloud Functions

Who is Oddball?

This brownbag is presented by Kristof Vandenbroucke from Oddball Digital, your partner in agility and creativity. They add value to your business by leveraging innovative and mature technology. They guide you through the process of discovering and developing digital products to stay ahead of your competition.


30 min presentation
➡ Intro
➡ Customer Case Mysueño
➡ Technical walkthrough & demo

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Cloud Functions and Google Docs API for doc generation | session by Oddball Digital

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