Automated webtesting with Cypress (Basic)

Short description

Cypress is a JavaScript end-to-end testing framework for front-end modern web apps.

Has Selenium’s reign come to an end?
Will Cypress be crowned king for being the best front-end testing tool?

During this course you will
  • get an introduction to Cypress
  • see what makes it so special
  • learn about its core concepts and different features
  • write your first cypress tests
  • take a closer look at how we can set up a cypress testing framework depending on your project requirements

Quick info

  • Front end E2E testing
  • Javascript
  • Automation framework
  • Entry level
  • Hands-on
  • Web services
  • Web automation

Who might want to attend this course?

  • Everybody with an interest in software automation testing
  • Front-end developers/QA Engineers with a passion for test automation
  • Anyone with basic programming knowledge

Key takeaways?

After this course you will be able to write automated tests for front end web applications, have a basic understanding of how to build your own cypress framework and learn about its best practices.

Rewatch our free intro session on Cypress: link

Upcoming events

Getting started
Core concepts
Training in Dutch or English, course materials in English.

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