Visual Testing with Applitools Eyes (intro + workshop)

Automated Visual Testing

Visual testing evaluates the visible output of an application and compares that output against the results expected by design. You can run visual tests at any time on any application with a visual user interface. Often run on individual components during development, and on a functioning application during end-to-end tests.

Automated visual testing uses software to automate the process of comparing visual elements across various screen combinations to uncover visual defects. It piggybacks on your existing functional test scripts running in a tool like Selenium WebdriverCypressWebdriverIO, or Appium.


Applitools is the only visual testing platform that incorporates advanced Visual AI algorithms to detect only meaningful changes. The accuracy of Visual AI allows your visual regression tests to perform both visual & functional testing for all areas in which functionality is rendered in your applications UI. This modern approach to UI testing, will reduce code & locators, allowing you to create and maintain tests faster than ever before.

Intro session:

  • Get an introduction of what Visual Testing is about
  • Get a small demo of Applitools Eyes
  • This recording is available on this page (Curriculum ⬆️)

Workshop session:

  • See how the tool has to be used hands-on
  • This recording is available on request (contact us)

Intro session

30 min presentation
➡ Intro
➡ Visual Testing in a nutshell
➡ Demo Applitools Eyes
➡ Conclusion

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Visual Testing with Applitools Eyes (intro)

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