Automated API Testing with Postman

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Short description

The target of this course is to learn the basics of API Functional Testing and how to apply them in practice. Through various exercises using Postman we focus on putting theory into practice.

We will dive into Postman and learn all the basics of this tool. During this course, you will be given guidelines in how to use the tool properly so you can benefit from all its features.

Quick info

  • API automation
  • Postman
  • Entry Level
  • Hands-on
  • Web services
  • SOAP services
  • REST services

Who might want to attend this course?

Anyone with an interest in software testing and more specific API testing. Besides basic knowledge of XML and JSON no other prerequisites are required.

Key takeaways?

After this course you will understand how API testing works, you will be able to send requests and verify the responses for SOAP services and REST services using Postman.

Upcoming events

What is an API?
What is a web service?
How does a web service work?
API testing
Using Postman through different assignments
Training in Dutch or English, course materials in English.

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