Low/No Code Test Automation with Leapwork

Low Code testing

Before we delve into the specifics of this course, let’s explore what low-code automation testing is all about.

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, the demand for efficient software testing methods has never been higher. Low-code automation testing emerges as a powerful solution, bridging the gap between quality assurance and accelerated development cycles.

Low-code automation testing is a cutting-edge approach that empowers testers and developers alike to create, manage, and execute test scripts with minimal manual coding efforts. It leverages intuitive visual interfaces and pre-built components, enabling teams to rapidly design test scenarios, execute them across various platforms, and generate insightful reports.

By reducing the complexity of test script creation and maintenance, low-code automation testing allows organizations to streamline their testing processes, enhance test coverage, and ultimately deliver high-quality software faster.


Leapwork is a cutting-edge test automation platform that offers a visual, no-code interface for effortless test creation across diverse software applications. With its cross-technology automation, businesses can enhance test coverage and effectively validate critical journeys spanning multiple technologies. Leapwork’s 2023 partnership with Microsoft as the preferred test automation solution reinforces its commitment to innovation and quality in the D365 implementation space.

Gain experience with Leapwork through this course, and learn how visual test automation can:

    • Increase Productivity: allow business users to create automated tests without extensive coding knowledge. Focus on more critical tasks and speed up the overall testing process.
    • Speed up Time-to-Market: rapidly create and deploy automated tests and accelerate the software development lifecycle.
    • Reduce maintenance: reduce the complexity associated with traditional coding-based test automation and streamline operations with features such as reusable components.
    • Ensure quality end-to-end: test all critical applications across technologies, so you can make sure the user journey works as intended.

Training topics:

    • How to create automation flows with 100% no-code using a visual easy to use approach.
    • How to scale flows with the use of external data/parameters.
    • Creating reusable and maintainable flows to reduce the creation of tests and maintenance effort.
    • Run and troubleshoot a flow using a visual approach to reduce MTTR.

Who might want to attend this course?

Everybody with an interest in Low Code Test automation:

    • (automation/manual) QA engineers
    • (Business) Analysts / Users
    • Product Owners

Key takeaways

After this course you will be able to write reusable and maintainable automated tests, by learning about Leapwork’s

    • no-code approach, empowering you to create and maintain automated tests without the need for coding skills.
    • visual flowchart-like interface to define automation logic intuitively, fostering a universal language for test automation.
    • cross-technology automation, allowing you to extend test coverage across diverse software applications and technologies.

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