Agile at Scale, inspired by Spotify

Why this training Agile at Scale, inspired by Spotify?

Agile teams in a large organization, working autonomously yet contributing to the bigger picture. It’s a dream for many, and Spotify has realized it. If you really want to learn about Spotify’s success, and more importantly learn how to translate it to your own organization, then this training is for you.

What will you learn during this course?

  • The insider secrets of Spotify’s success
  • What it means to be a learning organization
  • The value of an organization based on trust and autonomy
  • Possible structures for an organization that wants to be Agile at Scale
  • How to lead your organization to an Agile at Scale organization

You will learn this from a trainer who has worked for Spotify for years and who has been at the basis of the growth of the organization. First-hand knowledge!

How long does this training course take?

This Agile at Scale course is a two-day training.
Would you rather have a custom training, tailored to your organization or team? Feel free to contact us.

Who might want to attend this course?

This training is suitable for anyone who works in an organization that already applies certain elements of “the Spotify model” and who wants to learn more about it. In addition, it is a great opportunity for everyone to understand Agile at Scale, and therefore be able to apply it in their own organization (without copying Spotify).

We often have people with the following roles in our training:

    • Scrum Master
    • Product Owner
    • Team members, such as analyst, software developer and tester
    • Agile project manager
    • Team leader
    • Service (delivery) manager or coordinator

Did you know?

We often combine this training in-company with:


In order to get a quote for your training request, please contact us.

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