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Our goal is to reduce the shortage in adequate technical software quality profiles by training people to become specialists during an ambitious 40-weeks swITch to IT training track.

After receiving an in-depth training on IT basics and software quality (Bootcamp Professional Testing & Bootcamp Test Automation), our trainees kick-start their career as an Agile Software Quality Engineers.

But for those with the right attitude and motivation who really want to become a true BrighT-shaped profile, we have created a challenging 40-weeks swITch to IT training track.
This track redirects and schools the trainees into testing experts who both understand business needs and shape the company’s future while working in agile teams, which requires T-shaped Quality Engineers with a technical skill set.

The training track is a combination of online self-learning with exercises and classroom trainings. For both, our swITch experts are at the trainees disposal to answer questions and review the exercises (incl. feedback, tips&tricks, etc.).

Quick info:

Track Content Type
  • Web Concepts
  • OO Concepts
  • XML
  • JavaScript
Self study + Assignment
2 SQL Self study + Assignment
3 Python MySQL Self study + Assignment
4 GIT Self study + Assignment
5 Java IntelliJ Self study + Assignment
6 BDD (cucumber) Self study + Assignment
7 CI/CD Jenkins + Azure DevOps Self study + Assignment
8 NodeJS Classroom 2 days
9 Rest API’s Self study + Assignment
10 Rest Assured Self study + Assignment
11 Microservices Classroom 1 day
12 Final Assignment Group Assignment + Pitch


Who might want to attend this track?

  • At Brightest we focus on interpersonal qualities. Internal candidates for swITch need to be spontaneous, socially skilled and entrepreneurial.
  • A degree in IT isn’t necessary but it is important, however, that you can demonstrate your profound interest in computer science with the help of some tangible examples.
  • It is possible to join this intensive training track as a non-Brightest employee to become T-shaped Technical Agile Quality Engineers for your own company.
    For example, existing test resources or new test resources with a technical affinity. Combined with the Bootcamps (mentioned above), you have a complete training plan for your test resources!

Upcoming events

swITch to IT – 12

Brightest HQ Satenrozen, Kontich

If you would like to pay via SME portfolio (KMO portefeuille): contact us.

Get Tickets €250 – €5525

swITch to IT – 13

Brightest HQ + Online Satenrozen 10, Kontich

If you would like to pay via SME portfolio (KMO portefeuille): contact us

€250 – €5525

swITch to IT – 14

Brightest HQ + Online Satenrozen 10, Kontich

If you would like to pay via SME portfolio (KMO portefeuille): contact us.

Get Tickets €250 – €5525
Training in Dutch or English, course materials in English.

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Duration: 35-40 weeks
Level: Beginner

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