Scrum Master

Why this Scrum Master training?

Many teams work with the Scrum framework: in short iterations, with feedback loops and continuous adjustment. These teams deserve effective Scrum Masters. Someone who can properly facilitate the team, ensure that the Scrum processes are effectively executed and that the team continuously improves.

Becoming a good Scrum Master is not easy, but this training can help you do just that!

What will you learn during this course?

  • The Agile principles and values
  • The application of Scrum as a process to build products
  • The roles in the Scrum team
  • All the events (sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review and sprint retrospective), their importance and how to apply them properly
  • The role of the Scrum Master in the team
  • How to effectively facilitate and coach your Scrum team
  • The principles of servant leadership as support in your role

In this training you learn to apply Scrum and understand its fundamentals. This will increase your impact as a Scrum Master enormously.

How long does this training course take?

This Scrum Master training course is a two-day training. This also prepares you for the exam for your Scrum Master PSM I certification. Can also be extended with an extra day of Scrum Product Owner training.

Who might want to attend this course?

This course is suitable for anyone who works in a Scrum team. It is also interesting for anyone who wants to introduce or expand Scrum in the organization. We often have people with the following roles in our training:

  • Scrum Master
  • Team members, such as analyst, software developer and tester
  • Agile project manager
  • Product Owner
  • Team leader
  • Service (delivery) manager or coordinator

Did you know?

We often combine this training in-company with:


In order to get a quote for your training request, please contact us.

VIP Scrum Training

A VIP training is exactly what you need, if:

  • You want to gain a lot of knowledge and insights about Scrum in a short timeframe.
  • You have the feeling that an open course is too generic for you.
  • You already have quite a lot of experience and have specific questions or challenges.
  • You would love to spend a full day one-on-one with an expert who shares his/her knowledge and experiences with you.
  • You prefer to do this is in a quiet environment.

Contact us for a quote for a VIP Scrum Training.

This course is given by Sugar Me, our accredited training partner.
You can register via our site, by contacting us. The Bright Academy oversees all further communication and organisation. This way you can also profit a grant via SME e-wallet (kmo-portefeuille).

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Agile principles and values
Application of Scrum as a process to build products
Roles in the Scrum team
Role of the Scrum Master in the team
Effectively facilitate and coach your Scrum team
Principles of servant leadership as support in your role

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